2018-2019 Autumn-Winter Shoe Fashion

2018 2019 Autumn Winter Shoe Fashion

   What are the 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter shoe trends? Which colors, patterns and forms stand out? In this article, we have researched 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter shoe trends for you. 



   At the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks held in February, famous brands and designers introduced their models that will determine the new season 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter shoe fashion to fashion lovers. From bow heels to cowboy boots on the runway; Shoe models appealing to many styles from stone, embroidered shoes to masculine shoes attracted great attention.


   2018-2019 Autumn-Winter Shoe fashion has been determined. The models we will see in the showcases in the new season have been revealed, brands and designers have presented their collections to fashion lovers. So what are the most outstanding models of the new season?


2018 2019 Autumn Winter Shoe Fashion


Bow Shoe Models


   The bow-tie shoe models, which are the most shared and liked on social media, have already given the signals that they will be one of the most preferred models of the new season. Moreover, even though the models look like the models to be used for night parties, they will be the hit part of daytime combinations.



 Leopard Patterned Shoe Models


   Another prominent model in 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter fashion is leopard print shoes. In fact, the patterns crossed the boundaries of felines and included crocodile and zebra patterns, and took their place among the patterns we will often see in the new season.


2018 2019 Autumn Winter Shoe Fashion


Cowboy (Western) Boot Models


   Like last season, cowboy boots are among the models we will see in the shop windows this year. In the new season, rather than traditional cowboy models, softer forms and flat-nosed models will be part of the combinations.



Season Color: Brown


   Considering that light brown and skin tones stole our hearts again in 2018, it is not surprising that brown became darker and became the favorite color in the 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter Season. The effect of brown is obvious in the 2018-2019 Fall-Winter Collections of famous brands and designers.


2018 2019 Autumn Winter Shoe Fashion

Fur Detailed Shoes

   Another one of the Shoe trends 2018-2019 Autumn-Winter is shoes and boots with sheepskin details. The fur detail adds a very stylish and feminine atmosphere to the shoes / boots and comes with different color options. Therefore, there is no doubt that in the new season, we will see the sheepskin models with different styles and combinations very often.


2018 2019 Autumn Winter Shoe Fashion


Velvet Shoes


  Velvet shoes, which we have come across very often in shoe fashion lately, are also popular and current in the new season. Even if heels or boots, it is among the most trendy combinations this season with its different color options.


Velvet Shoes


Metallic Models


   Metallic shoe models, which we frequently see in the summer season of 2018, were interpreted differently in the new season and have already taken their place in the shop windows with the metallic color as well as the gold and other gold color options.

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September 04, 2020
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