How to Choose Shoes for Flatfoot?


How to Choose Shoes for Flatfoot

What does flatfoot mean? What are the causes of flatfoot? What are the symptoms of flatfoot? How do i understand flat feet? How should we choose shoes for flat feet? What are the shoes to prevent flat feet in children? What are the shoes that flat feet should avoid? Here we share the answers to these questions with you.

What Does Flatfoot Mean?

There is an upward curve in the normal foot sole. This arch is called the arch of the foot. The ligaments and tendons create the foot arch. However, if these tendons do not develop properly, the arch will not form. Feet start to be flat on the ground. This is called being flatfoot.

What are the causes and symptoms of flatfoot?

There are actually many reasons why your child and you have flatfoot. First, it can be caused by genetic factors. People with flat-foot in family members are quite likely to experience this problem. Apart from genetic reasons, it is very likely to be caused by injuries to the foot or ankle, wrong shoe choices or people with muscle diseases. In addition, with the ageing, you can be flat foot too. If you are standing up for too long, this causes the ankle to weaken and collapse.

Most known symptoms of flatfoot are pain in the feet and ankles, inferiority, and pain in the lumbar region. As the body weight is not evenly distributed on the feet, this can cause early fatigue.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Flatfoot?

You can find out if you are flat foot or not with following a few steps you can easily do at home. However, stating that these steps will not give definite results, you should consult a doctor if you suspect such a situation. Be sure to wet your feet first. Then you need to press on a flat surface or a clean piece of paper while your feet are wet. If the footprint of your foot is completely on the floor or paper after pressing your foot, you may suspect whether you are flat feet at this point.

Although the formation of flatfoot increases with age, flatfoot are also seen at young ages too. If you cannot see the arc while your child is stepping on the ground, if the sole of the foot is completely visible and the heel is turned out when you look from the back, you may suspect of your child can be flatfooted.

How to Choose Shoes for Flat-Foot?

Adults with flatfoot should prefer shoes with short - 3-5 cm - heels. Only in this way feet can be comfortable in shoes. Because this type of shoes supports the arch of the foot and reduces the pain caused by flatfoot. If you are going to choose shoe without a heel, you should choose insoles that support the arch of the foot. Another important point is that the front part of the shoe you choose should be wide and it should not pinch your fingers. At this point, choosing anatomical shoes will be the right choice for you. You can review our shoes that are suitable for the anatomical foot structure, we recommend for men and shoes that we recommend for women.

The shoes you choose have great importance in case of flatfoot for children. For your children who are starting to take their first steps, it is important to choose shoes such as booties made of soft leather. Shoes should be flexible enough not to restrict your child's foot and ankle movements. The sole of the shoe should be a sole that prevents the foot from slipping. It is also very important that the shoes you choose for your child should have a round toe. In this way, your child's fingers will not be stuck and will be comfortable. You can review our anatomical shoes for your baby here, our anatomical shoes for your child here for boys and here for girls.

Which Are Shoes Models That Flatfooteds Should Avoid?

One of the main shoe models that flatfooteds should stay away from is flat-soled shoes. This type of shoes will increase your pain. You should not choose slippers with flat soles, pointed toes that your fingers will not be comfortable with, wedges and high heels.

The shoes that flatfooted children should stay away from are hard-soled shoes with narrow toes. Because such shoes prevent the development of your child's foot muscles and ligaments and will adversely affect the health of the feet.

As family, we emphasize that it is important for you and your children to consider our suggestions for foot health, we remind you that what we have written is a suggestion, we recommend that you consult a doctor if you suspect such a situation.

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November 24, 2020
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