The 5 Most Preferred Shoe Models in 2018

The 5 Most Preferred Shoe Models of 2018

The 5 Most Preferred Shoe Models in 2018

While leaving 2018 behind, the most preferred 5 shoe models in 2018; We have brought together those models that we use in our combinations, that we frequently encounter in the shop windows and on social media.


When 2018 shoe trends are examined, everyone has at least one favorite shoe this year, with a variety of models suitable for every style, as well as unique and bold models. While she winked to the wild west with her masculine cowboy boots on one side, she felt the Hollywood glamor and elegance with elegant thin heels and plenty of glitter shoes on one side. As such, 2018 has been the favorite year of shoe lovers compared to the previous years. We have listed the 5 most preferred shoe models of 2018 that have marked 2018 for you.

2018 Trend Shoes

Low Heeled Shoes


Revived in 2018 with the fashion wind blowing from the 70's, "kitten heels" made their mark on the Autumn-Summer Season with their lovely colors and matte, patent leather and shiny models. It has become one of the indispensable models of our wardrobe with its comfortable use and striking color and model options.

Low Heeled Shoes

Shiny Shoes

Shiny shoes, which gave the signals that they will affect 2018 during the fashion weeks, took their place in the list of the most trendy, even the most talked about shoes of 2018. It maintained its dominance in both the Autumn / Winter season and the Spring / Summer season.

Shiny Shoes 2018

Futuristic Sneakers


According to some, these sneaker models can be described as thick, rough and even ugly, but rejected the taboos of fashion and style and rewrote the rules. In addition to their comfort, they managed to become the new favorite of the fashion world in 2018, with designs unlike conventional models.



Cowboy - Cowgirl Boots



Another model that we got the signals that it will be among the best of 2018 in fashion weeks was cowboy - cowgirl boots, and it happened. The cowboy - cowgirl boots, which are softer and more flattened compared to their traditional style, have become a model that we cannot give up all year with their models designed to be used in the Autumn / Winter season as well as in the Spring / Summer season.

2018 Cowboy Cowgirl Boots

Knitted/Woven Shoes

In the 2018 Spring / Summer season, they were preferred for many uses from daily use to invitations, from walks to celebrations, and the woven shoes managed to become the hit part of many combinations throughout the year. In 2018, it became the most favorite shoe of shoe lovers who prioritize comfort as well as elegance.

Knitted/Woven Shoes


BONUS: Although it is not technically a shoe trend, it is not possible to ignore the socks that we often encounter in the Autumn / Winter season, combined with shoes. It has become a trend that adds color to the 2018 Autumn and Winter season with different color and model options.

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September 04, 2020
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