What is the Shoe Measurement Unit Punt?

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What is the Shoe Measurement Unit Pont (Punt)? How is it calculated?

In this measurement system, the measurement was obtained based on foot length. The foot is measured and the mold length is found by adding 1 cm to the measured foot length. This mold length measurement found forms the basis of measurement systems. “The method used to number the molds is called the shoe size system. There are multiple measurement units used in the shoe industry in the world. The unit of measurement is widely used in Turkey pont (punt) above.

The pont (punt), which we use as shoe size and heel size, is based on the French system millimeter dimensioning. Numbering starts from 0 numbers and 0 mm. In the French system, the number is also called pont. There are no half numbers in this system. As in all other systems in French system, mold length is taken as the basic measure.

What is 1 point in centimeters?

Each 2 cm length changes 3 shoe sizes. Like 2 cm = 3. So, Paris Point is 2/3 cm. So, 1 pont is 2/3 cm. 1 point is 6,66 mm in metric system. It is calculated as an average of 0.6 cm in sectoral uses.

What is 1 cm in points?

1 cm equals to 1.5 (3/2) points.

How is heel length (height) measured?

The heel length is measured from the point where the heel is highest and the point where the junction with the shoe presses this point vertically. 6 pont, 9 pont, 11 pont, 15 pont, 17 pont and 21 pont are the heel sizes that are widely available in the market. Shoes with thin and nail heels after 15 pont heel height carry a very serious risk of injury, not recommended for waist, foot and spine health.

It may be inadequate for scientific and academic studies. Calculated through formulas.


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July 27, 2020
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