Extend the Life of Your Shoes in 9 Steps

Extend the Life of Your Shoes in 9 Steps

1. Try not to wear the same shoes two days in a row if you have another option. Resting your shoes will prevent deterioration of the form and prolong the life of your shoes. In addition, keeping your shoes that you do not use with wooden and plastic molds to protect their form will help you find your shoes as the first day.


2. The care of your shoes that you wear during the day starts with airing them. By preventing the formation of bacteria in your ventilation for a while after use, it prevents the aging of your shoes and prevents the factors that threaten your foot health.



3. You can use baking soda in the cleaning and maintenance of your shoes. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda with hot water, wipe your shoes with a clean cloth until the stains are removed, and then dry with a dry cloth.


4. Choose quality shoe polisher for your shoes and paint your shoes often. We also recommend that you can oil your shoe with almond oil after applying the paint.



5. If your shoes are made of suede or similar materials, apply waterproof sprays on them. In addition, when your shoes are wet, never dry them near the heater or fire, because sudden hot air may crack the paint and leather of your shoes.


6. You need a clean cloth or a toothbrush and some toothpaste for the care of your shoes made of canvas, cloth and similar materials. Squeeze the toothpaste into the cloth or toothbrush and you can remove the stains with this method, taking care that it is not too hard.



7. If your shoes are patent leather, you can care with Vaseline. After applying the Vaseline on your shoes with light touches, you can wipe it with a clean cloth to give your shoes a new look.


8. Relax your shoes regularly and clean them. In this way, you can both notice the laceration that you may miss, renew your laces and clean the dust and dirt under the laces.



9. Finally, we recommend that you take your shoes to the jade and leave it in the hands of a specialist and have a more detailed maintenance.

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September 04, 2020
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