How to Make a Shoe-Bag Combination Suitable for Your Style?

Shoe-Bag Combination Suitable for Your Style

  Shoes and bags are two indispensable accessories for women. Every woman who is interested in fashion pays attention to the harmony of these two indispensables and the most budget is reserved for them in shopping. Elegance is a holistic structure. With the right combination, you can create the elegance look that suits your style.


  As Hapshoe team, we researched trends for you and answered the question of "How to Make a Shoe-Bag Combination Suitable for Your Style?" And we have prepared a nice surprise for you at the end of the article.



  The first thing to pay attention about shoe-bag combinations is the harmony of the styles of the models. For example, it is completely wrong to combine our casual shoes, which we call 'sport chic', with a patent leather bag, which is more suitable for night use, or a fancy and decollete stiletto that is more suitable for night invitations with our daily backpack.


  Creating a combination for a special occasion is much more difficult than creating your daily combination. In such cases, we recommend that you first choose the dress and then choose the shoes and bags suitable for the color, fabric and texture of the dress.



 If your preference is for plain dresses, choosing interesting details in shoes and bags will help you change the mood of your dress and achieve a more aesthetic appearance. If your choice is colorful and patterned dresses, using a single color from your dress as the colour of your shoe and bag will be enough to attract all the attention to your shoe-bag combination.



  In the past, when it comes to shoe-bag harmony, the first thing that comes to mind was color harmony. Like a black bag for black shoes, a white bag to white shoes. However, we see that the contradiction is in fashion recently and it is followed by many people. Those who love contrary style can have an energetic and stylish look by combining different colors that are compatible or contrasting with each other.


So which is your combination? Click here to make the most suitable shoe-bag combination for your style.

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September 04, 2020
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