Men's Shoe Models and Names

Men's Shoe Models, Men's Shoe Model Names

So how much do you know what these models are and the differences between them? If you are one of those who say men's shoes are men's shoes, this article is for you. You can find men's shoes models and their names in this article.

This model, which is also called Balmoral, can be called the most classic model among men's shoes. The lacing end of men's Oxford shoes, which are flat and without pattern, is closed. Derby model, which is the next model, is the most important detail that distinguishes it from men's shoes. Click to review and buy our Oxford model men's shoes.

Derby Shoes

Also known as Blücher, this model is very similar to Oxford, but a small difference is that the lace finish is clear on the Derby model. Click to review and buy our Derby men's shoes.

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap model with buckle accessories, which we frequently encounter in men's combinations in recent times, is a more sports model compared to Oxford and Derby models and is preferred with sports suits.

Loafer/Makosen Shoes

Loafer / Makosen model preferred by men due to its lacing, easy to wear and remove; It is a model where we can come across different types designed with accessories such as buckles, tassels, belts. There are models that can be used with suits as well as models that can be used with shorts. Therefore, we can not call it a classic or sports model. Click here to review and buy our Loafer / Loafer men's shoes models.

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July 27, 2020
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