Methods of Letting Out Narrow and Tight Shoes

Methods of Enlarging Narrow and Tight Shoes

   Unfortunately, everyone has experienced at least once in their life the disappointment when you first see that your combinations with your shoes pass before your eyes one by one, and the shoe that choose is too narrow and impossible to walk in it. With the easy and practical methods that Hapshoe team has researched for you, you do not need to give up your tight and narrow shoes.



9 easy and practical methods to use your tight and narrow shoes more comfortably:




1. Practice inside the house.



First of all, wear tight and narrow shoes inside the house. The exercises you do inside the house will help the material from which the shoes are made to relax and take the shape of your foot. This will make your feet feel more comfortable outside. If you are trying to move in a very tight shoe, you can use a pair of socks to shape your shoes. Choose thick socks and walk home like that for a while. Sometimes the simplest methods are the best.




2. Freeze your shoes.



Fill two bags with water and place the water-filled bags into the shoes one by one after sealing them tightly. Leave the bags filled with water in your shoes in the freezer until they are completely frozen. After you take your frozen water bagged shoes out of the freezer, wait for them to thaw for a short while, and when they begin to thaw, take the ice bags those are inside the shoes. You will see that the material from which your shoes are produced stretches more.




3. Use a hair dryer.



Wear your shoes with a pair of thick socks. While holding the hair dryer on your shoes for about 2 minutes, at the same time stretch your fingers to loosen the areas that squeeze your feet. Do not take off your socks and shoes until your shoes have cooled. You will see your shoes expand when you try without socks afterwards.




4. Put Potatoes.



Peel the skin of a potato and place the potatoes in the narrow and tight parts of your shoes. Leave the potatoes in your shoes overnight. The next day you will see your shoes loosen.




5. Put it in the mold.



If none of the methods we provide solve your problem, you can get support from a shoe repair shop. Although you should not buy our shoes with the intention of repairing them, sometimes we need professional help. The shoemaker can stretch or widen the length and width of your shoes as you wish with a stretching machine.

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September 04, 2020
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