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School Kids Shoe Models

Preparations for going back to school started… Before the 2019-2020 school semesters, families prepared school shopping lists. From stationery to clothing, from school shoes to bags, the lists got longer and the expenses inevitably increased. When it comes to our children, when the effort to find the healthiest and most durable products is added, things got a little more difficult. Shopping tours have begun for products among hundreds of thousands of products that your child may like.


Choosing school shoes for your child is one of the issues that should be selected with precision, as in other matters. We recommend that you read our article titled "What Should Be Considered When Choosing School Shoes?". In order to resolve the questions in your mind while choosing school shoes.


In this article, we have listed the affordable and high quality school shoes models you can find on to make your job easier. You can evaluate material options such as genuine leather, textile and faux leather from model options such as sports school shoes, classic school shoes, ballet flats; You can choose from black, dark blue, gray, brown, burgundy, pink, red, purple, green and more school shoe models.


School Shoes Models


Sports School Shoes Models


In sports models that your child can easily use in physical education lessons and sports activities; You can choose genuine leather, faux leather or textile materials. According to the comfort of use; You can examine the velcro, laced, zippered or slip-on models.

School Shoes Models

In patterns that girls will love to use; You can examine all models from size 21 to size 39 with pink, purple, silver, gold, red and more color options. Click here for the sports school shoes models. You can examine models with velcro or laced in models that will not restrict the movements of kids and provide the comfort of their feet all day.

Okul Ayakkabı Modelleri

You can examine models with velcro or laced in models that will not restrict the movements of kids and provide the comfort of their feet all day. Click for the sports school shoes models you can choose for your school boys.


Classic Flat School Shoe Models


As school shoes, you can choose classic flat models as well as sports models. At least one of the most preferred classic school shoes models of teachers, parents and children should be on your needs list for school shows and special occasions.

Okul Ayakkabı Modelleri

The most preferred model for girls in classic school shoes is undoubtedly ballet flats. In the girls' ballet flats, you can choose from plain or velcro models, black, dark blue, white, cream, powder, red and more color options, patent leather, suede, nubuck models. Click to view the girls' school ballet flats models.

Okul Ayakkabısı Modelleri

You can choose from hundreds of models of classic school shoes for boys, as well as lace and velcro models, as well as Oxford and slip-on models. Anything you want from patent leather, suede, nubuck and leather material options; You can examine them with black, dark blue, cream, white, burgundy and brown color models. We recommend that you do not make your decision without examining the Raker branded products, which are the leading brands in boys' shoes. Click to view all the classic school shoes for boys.



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September 09, 2020
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