What Should Be Considered When Buying Baby Shoes?

Considered When Buying Baby Shoes

What kind of shoes a baby will wear from the moment she or he starts walking is very important for future foot growing.


The first thing to consider when taking your baby their first steps should be to check whether the toes are on the ground. The baby's footing with their toes helps the development of the walking reflex. The easiest way to check this is to take the baby's first steps naked. Shoe selection is a further process.


Babies’ foot bones do not complete their development until they reach a certain age. So their first shoes should be soft. Shoes must be made of natural (cotton or leather) materials. Shoes should take the shape of the feet, be soft, flexible and grip the toes.


Too hard shoes damage the baby's foot growing. Hard shoes prevent the proper formation of the arch, that is, the pit, the healthy development of the foot muscles and the natural development of the walking balance reflex. Therefore, it should not be preferred.


Other issues to consider when choosing shoes;

Shoes should not squeeze the feet.

It must be made of breathable material.

Shoes that do not contain carcinogenic substances, do not cause allergies or irritate, should be chosen.

Shoes should be neither small nor big. Behind the heel there should be a distance that will enter a small shoehorn. This distance should be controlled constantly, as the foot will develop quickly.

If the baby is observed to be uncomfortable with a few steps, the item number should be changed. If any discomfort is observed after the number change, the product model should be changed.

The shoes should not contain sharp, pointed or excessively protruding accessories that could harm your baby. If there is an accessory, it should be ensured that it does not detach or break from the shoe.

The choice of shoes should be based on age. Big shoes should not be bought considering that it will grow.

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September 03, 2020
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