What Should Be Considered When Choosing School Shoes?

Considered When Choosing School Shoes

One of the most important needs of school-age children is undoubtedly shoes. Especially when buying shoes for a growing child, we should pay attention to the quality, comfort and fitting to the foot rather than the appearance.


Even if our children are influenced by fashion and cartoon heroes and attracted to such shoes, we, as parents, should not forget that a poor quality shoe on their feet all day threatens your child's foot health.



A child who goes to school needs at least 2 school shoes. The reason for this is to prevent your child from wearing the same shoes everyday. While shoes that are worn one after the other every day cause airlessness in the feet, it causes an increase in the number of bacteria and fungal infections in the shoes. In addition, as the foot swells in the shoe, the shoe loses its shape in repeated use. With the deformation of the shape, the points of the shoe that support the foot also lose their shape and function, which leads to serious foot problems.


The most common thing in growing kids is heel pain. We should pay attention to heel support in shoes, especially when choosing shoes for children between the ages of 8 and 18. In the use of shoes with insufficient heel support, children will suffer from heel pain.


One of the biggest mistakes in the selection of school shoes is the big shoes that they can wear next year. The use of large shoes threatens the health of the feet as much as the use of tight and narrow shoes. School shoes should definitely fit your child's feet.



How the School Shoe should be?



For your child's foot health, you should pay attention to the material of the shoes. You should prefer shoes made of leather and canvas materials instead of plastic and other synthetic materials.

To protect your child's foot development, you should choose flexible, soft and comfortable shoes.


Make sure that the inner material of the shoes is produced from sweat absorbent and bacteria preventing material against heat and perspiration. At the same time, choose shoes that will protect your child's feet from the cold in the winter.


It is especially important that the front of the shoe is flexible. Avoid shoes that limit the development of your child's foot mobility and muscle strength.





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September 04, 2020
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