What Should We Pay Attention to When Buying Shoes?

What should we pay attention to when buying shoes

The shoes, which we visually like and complete our style, can sometimes cause serious health problems. For this reason, we should take care to choose shoes suitable for our feet and foot health. Otherwise, it is common for us to face many important problems, from sprains to chronic standing pain.


Before the color and model, attention should be paid to the comfort and quality of the shoes. Apart from that, what should we pay attention to when buying shoes?


1-If the sole of the shoe is too thick, too flexible or too thin, it causes pain as it puts excessive load on the foot ligaments and joints. In addition, materials that allow your feet to breathe will protect your skin health as well as prevent the formation of ailments such as calluses, ingrown nails and fungus.

2-While buying shoes, always try it while standing on your feet. Because when you are standing, your feet become longer and wider due to the weight of your body on your feet. In addition, since the length and width of the two feet are not the same, both shoes should be tried in the same way.

3-Care should be taken to have half a centimeter gap between the longest toe of your foot and the shoes. Wearing large or tight shoes will disrupt the anatomical structure of your foot as well as cause the shoe to deform in a short time.

4- The possibility of ankle sprain is high in thin and high heeled shoes. Ideal heel height should not exceed 2.5 cm in order to prevent ankle sprains.

5-It is useful to choose the evening hours while buying your shoes. Your feet swell and widen due to the load on your feet throughout the day. So if the shoes you buy in the evening are comfortable, here is the comfortable shoe you are looking for.

6-Finally, due to the increase of age, the feet lengthen and widen due to the collapse in the sole of the foot, so your foot size should be checked intermittently.



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September 03, 2020
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