Shoes Models for Women and Their Names

Shoes Models for Women and Their Names

Here are women's shoe models and their names according to the heel that will make your shoe shopping easier.

It is a classic shoe model that is used in almost every woman's closet and is used frequently by women. This model is laced, unstripped and lightweight and is called pump shoes. Click to review and buy our Pump women's shoes models.

Click here for our part 1 article where you can find women's shoes models and their names by model.

Stiletto Shoes

Stiletto shoes, which have survived from the 1930s to the present, take their place in the showcases with different colors and patterns every season with their thin and elegant appearance. High and thin heels are the most prominent feature of stiletto shoes. Click to review and buy stiletto model women's shoes.

Kitten Heel Shoes

Thin and low heels models that increase their popularity with Audrey Hepburn are also used as cat heel shoes, kitten heel.

Escarpin Shoes

Shoes, one of the classic models, are called heeled shoes and high heels. Click here to review and buy our shoes model women's shoes.

Spool Heel Shoes

The high-heeled shoes with a compatible platform on the front and back are called platform heel shoes. Although it is a high model, it can be said to be comfortable. Click to review and buy our platform heel women shoes models.

Wedge Shoes

The heel shoe, which is a different model among the heeled shoe models, attracts attention with the presence of a heel in the middle of the other models, while there is no heel in the middle. Despite being a high model, the heel of the model is flat. Click to review and buy our filled heel women shoes.

Wedge Heel Shoes

The difference of wedge heel shoes, which is very similar to the padding heel shoes, is that the front part is low and the back part is quite high. You can also add the wedge-heeled shoe model among comfortable high-heeled shoes.

Chunky Heel Shoes

Generally square and high models are called apartment heel shoes. Click to review and buy our apartment heel women's shoes models.

Clog Shoes

All or part of the shoe is a shoe model made of wood. Although they are produced locally in different ways, the models are similar.

Lita Heel Shoes

It is a shoe model that uses wood in the heel part. The difference from clogs is that only wooden material is used on the heel.

Cork Heel Shoes

The most important feature of the cork heel shoe that we are used to see in many different models is that the heel is mushroom. Cork heel shoes, which are thicker than other models, are more comfortable and sports than other models.

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July 27, 2020
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