Women's Shoes Models and Their Names

women shoes model names, shoes model names

You see and like beautiful female shoes on social media, on the internet and on television. When it comes to purchasing this model, things get a little messy, because the shoes you see are high heels, ballet shoes, etc. Searching with definitions is often inadequate.

We have researched women's shoes models and their names so that you can find the shoes you want. So many models appeared before us that the list went on and on. Therefore, we will transfer this article as a series of articles in three groups, naming models according to their model, heel and band shape. Thus, it will be an article that you can return and use according to the features of the shoes you are looking for. In the section you will read now, you will find women's shoes and their names according to their models.

Click for our part 2 article where you can find women's shoes models and their names by their heel.

Here are women's shoe models and their names according to the models that will facilitate your shoe shopping…

D'orsay Shoes

D'orsay shoes from the 19th century to the present day; the foot-heel and the heel are closed, the middle part is open, and there are flat and heels.

Oxford Shoes

Closed shoes with stitched tabs and laces are known as oxford shoes. Oxford shoes where we can see flat and high heels models are generally preferred by people with masculine style. Click to review and buy our Oxford women's shoes models.

Pointed Toe Shoes

The pointed toe got the name of the shoe because the shoe tapered towards the toe. This model, which we generally see in high-heeled shoes, has started to come to the fore in boots, boots and ballet flats. Click to review and buy our pointed toe women's shoes models.

Open Toe Shoes

Although we are accustomed to seeing this model with open toes in high heels, we see boots, boots, ballet flats in the open-toe shoe model as well as the pointed toe shoe model. Click to review and buy our open-toe women's shoes models.

Balerina Shoes "Babettes"

Babette models, which are preferred by women because they are comfortable and especially light, are among the models that women use the most as the weather gets hot. Ballets, which are at least one pair in every woman's closet, are one of the models that never go out of fashion. Click to review and buy our Babet models.


It is a model that appeals to sports styles in general, the upper part of which is made of canvas material and the base is knitted with natural fibers. It is preferred especially because it is comfortable in recent years.


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July 27, 2020
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